For us, sustainability is built-in, not bolted on.

Considered design isn’t just a phrase to us, it’s a principle that we try to incorporate into everything we do. While we’ve by no means ‘arrived’, we do our utmost to create responsibly and better the lives of those that have had a hand in making every Pedersen + Lennard piece.

We hold firm on our belief that it’s possible to build a profitable business whilst still cherishing sustainability and looking after the people who play a part in its success. 

By investing in our team’s well-being and development, we foster a workplace where dignity, respect, and continuous learning are paramount. This holistic approach ensures that sustainability extends beyond our products to the people-centred parts of the business.

The value of enduring design.

Almost every business talks about being eco-friendly, but beyond the ‘green-washing’ and labels, we believe that longevity and sustainablity are two sides of the same coin. 

We want our pieces to last a lifetime, and to hold your attention for that long too. 

In many ways, the most sustainable investment you can make is in the pieces you will cherish and use the longest. That is why we invest a lot of our energy and resources into making pieces that arent just 'eco-certified', but built to be passed down from one generation to the next.

Our approach to production.

Leaving a lighter footprint, maintaining a sustainable business and prizing the longevity of our pieces demands a lot of learning, relearning and unlearning. It’s not a box one can tick once and then forget about. We’re constantly investing in our production, from the machinery we buy and how it is powered right down to the kinds of bristles and bolts we use. 

One of our most significant investments has been in solar power. Our factory is fully powered by solar energy, harnessing the abundant sunlight that Cape Town offers. On clear days, our solar panels generate surplus electricity, allowing us to extend our positive impact beyond our factory by giving back to the city’s grid.

Solar power and sustainability beyond the present.

Our decision to invest in solar power represents a long-term view for our business and the environment. While it may take years to recoup the initial investment, we believe it’s the right thing to do, not just for now but for future generations. 

In a world where natural resources are abundant yet fragile, we recognize that sustainability cannot be achieved by focusing on one aspect alone. Our commitment to solar power is just one ripple in the broader ecosystem of sustainable practices that we embrace. It’s about thinking holistically, understanding the interconnectedness of our choices, and striving to leave a positive legacy for generations to come.

Responsible sourcing and reducing waste.

Every material we use is locally and sustainably sourced from a network of suppliers we know and trust. We use non-toxic sealants and timber that’s FSC-certified from sustainably managed forests. In an effort to reduce any excess waste, many of our designs repurpose the “by-product" or "off-cut” materials of other designs - transforming every part into something beautiful and functional. 

We have also introduced a versatile recycled plastic board into our material library. Made from reclaimed plastic waste, this material allows us to reduce our environmental impact by championing the principles of a circular economy.