Skoppie | Steel Dustpan and Brush

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Steel Colour Ivory

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A celebration of the iconic steel dustpan - made in South Africa.

Sometimes it's the simplest things that need to be considered beautifully.

While the normal these days for a dustpan and brush seems to be a short-lived plastic experience we felt this was an opportunity to illustrate the value of good design and great quality.

We have considered the build quality, the ergonomics, the way it is stored (inside or outside the cupboard), the way it ages over time and through this piece we aim to bring to focus a humble everyday item that in fact should last a lifetime.

Materials: Galvanised mild steel dustpan; solid oak brush, PVC bristles and stainless steel hook

Dimensions (mm): 

Dustpan - 320L x 235w x 50d 
Broom - 285 x 50

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